Brand Ambassador Program

Join us in the fight for our world and help us reduce plastic pollution. Together, we're stronger!

Do you want to join us in the war on plastic?
Are you passionate about reducing your environmental footprint?


Become a Brush It On brand ambassador and help us spread the zero-waste message while earning money at the same time!

How does it work?

Once you join our brand ambassador program, we’ll create a unique referral code for you to share with your friends, family, Instagram followers, blog readers…the more the merrier.

Not only will you earn commission on purchases made with the code but your audience will get 10% off their orders. It’s a brush brush!

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Brush It On was created to help people make conscious choices without sacrificing their lifestyle. We aim to bring more awareness to the environmental issues we face today while actively helping in the fight for our world, one brush at a time.

Our Ambassadors

Fighting For Our World
Katt Andryskova

Katt Andryskova

A citizen of the world, ever curious adventurer and environmentalist. Katt Andryskova has spent the last three years learning about veganism, working to protect our oceans and creating educational materials to help everyone live a cleaner, greener life. Check out My Vegan Experiment for all the information you need to transition to living a more sustainable life.

Simple-ish Living

Simple(ish) Living

I like to focus on the imperfections in life and how even as imperfect beings we can be a little kinder and gentler to the planet. We do not need to be perfect to affect change. Plus, I like donuts and potato is my life. Hi!

Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the WORLD – Mahatma Gandhi

Every single Brush It On product you buy directly supports a conservation project of your choice. We take the war on plastic seriously and that’s why 100% of our profits go directly to organisations that protect the planet’s oceans, forests, and wildlife.

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