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We donate 100% of our profits to conservation organisations that protect the world’s oceans, forests, and wildlife.
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Ocean Preservation

Our oceans need your help! Plastic rubbish is predicted to outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050. Nemo products were designed to help The Australian Marine Conservation Society keep the world’s oceans clean.

WWF Australia

Animal Protection

Animals living on this planet are in serious danger. 150-200 species become extinct every 24 hours! The Matilda line is aimed at helping WWF-Australia with their vital recovery and regeneration program launched after the 19/20 bushfires.


Forest Conservation

Did you know 4,500 acres of forests are cleared across the planet every hour? Our Tarzan products are here to support World Land Trust on their mission to protect threatened habitats and wildlife.

Join us in the war on plastic and support conservation organisations that make a real difference in the world. Our partners were carefully selected based on their reputation and hands-on approach to ensure our funds are directed to causes that have the most impact.

How It Works

Looking after our customers


Choose sustainable oral care products that support the cause you’re most passionate about. You will receive regular conservation projects updates and news.

Second Step – Brush It On

Brush It On

We transfer 100% of our net profits to each conservation project on a quarterly basis. We constantly look for ways to save money on our operations.

Looking after the planet


Our partner organisations use the donations to run their conservation projects. They provide us with projects updates on a regular basis.

Project News

Plastic Waste

Coalition support for recycling welcome, but fails to tackle tide of plastic pollution

Australian Marine Conservation Society

AMCS is calling on all parties to implement a mandatory target to cut plastic pollution by 70 per cent. Industry needs support to help us get there, which is why we want to see an accreditation program that recognises businesses that are taking action.

The Coalition’s $5 million to run clean up campaigns in Australian beaches and rivers will support people that want to take some practical steps.

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